Specialist Accreditation

Our Commercial Litigation team is one of the most recognised teams in New South Wales.

We have more Accredited Specialists in Commercial Litigation than 99% of all law firms in NSW.

Our Accredited Specialists in Commercial Litigation include Sam Roberts (sub-specialty in Building & Construction Litigation), Tony Peterson (sub-specialty in Corporate Litigation) and Jack Lindgren whose practice is focused on general Commercial Litigation, Insolvency Related Claims and Professional Negligence.

We have an Accredited Specialist in Business Law.

Solicitor Director, Amanda Crosbie is an Accredited Specialist in Business Law.

There are very few that can measure up to your professionalism. I have worked with many...you "stand above the rest" in your profession.

It has been a great pleasure working with you as an ultimate professional on this matter.

Geoff Page

Sam Roberts

Sam is an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation with over 20 years’ experience helping businesses solve complex legal problems.

Amanda Crosbie

Amanda is an Accredited Specialist in Business Law. Amanda’s practice focuses on providing timely corporate and commercial services to established and growing SMEs.

Tony Peterson

Tony has a decade of experience in national and international law firms representing clients in large and complex commercial disputes.

Jack Lindgren

Jack is a specialist Commercial Litigation Lawyer adept at resolving complex commercial disputes, with a focus on Professional Negligence, Building & Construction, Employment and Insolvency related claims.

More Accredited Specialists in Commercial Litigation than 99% of law firms in NSW.

What is an Accredited Specialist?

In the legal profession, Accredited Specialists are practising Solicitors who have demonstrated proficiency in a particular area of law, which is recognised and conferred by fellow Solicitors.

Specialist Accreditation is a structured peer to peer assessment process enabling legal practitioners to be recognised for their expertise. To be accredited specialists must pass a series of meticulous assessments on both legal knowledge and its application in practice. To retain their accreditation specialists must undertake significant additional professional development in their area of expertise each year.

Specialist Accreditation helps Solicitors distinguish themselves from other practitioners. It is a nationally recognised mark of distinction run by state based Solicitor Associations. In New South Wales the Specialist Accreditation Scheme has been operated by the Law Society of NSW since 1992.

Why use an Accredited Specialist?

To gain Specialist Accreditation a Solicitor must pass rigorous assessments in communication, problem solving, client relations and, of course, the law.

To maintain accredited status, a Solicitor must annually renew a certificate to practice the law and membership of the Law Society, plus update his or her skills and knowledge at the specialist level.

Excellent experience. I would highly recommend.

“Very professional handing of a complex and technical multi-layered legal matter, with a favorable outcome.”

Jim Limberis
Netseek Pty Limited

Excellent service, excellent staff.

“Lots of free time and solid advice BEFORE professional charges applied. Saved me thousands by NOT HAVING to use them … not to mention Tony’s sage advice in helping me to get the defendants to surrender and pay up out of court. Couldn’t be happier.”

The Dolphin

If your business has a commercial dispute that deserves the attention of an expert, you need an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation.

If your a business owner who wants to set your business up for growth and success, you need an Accredited Specialist in Business Law.