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Tony Peterson  /  21 Jul, 2021

Government regulators for businesses have significant powers that can impact your business. Engaging with the regulator in a sensible and productive way can make the process quicker and less stressful.

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Commercial Lease Disputes

The purpose of this article is to identify issues that commercial landlords need to be aware of so that they can avoid disputes with their tenants and, if disputes cannot be avoided, navigate them in an efficient and cost-effective way.

25 Sep, 2023
Tony Peterson

5 Strategies to Protect Your Business from your Customer’s Insolvency

Insolvency law is a highly technical area, and the outcomes that can be achieved are often limited where advice is not sought until the 11th hour. Being proactive and seeking early legal and/or accounting advice is key to ensure the best possible outcome.

27 Apr, 2023
Jack Lindgren

Unfair Preference Claims

In this article, we will provide you with an overview of unfair preference claims, their possible consequences, and what you should do if you receive a demand for an unfair preference claim.

26 Apr, 2023
Jack Lindgren

Getting a Costs Order in NSW

In this article, we will discuss the various types of costs orders, the circumstances in which a costs order may be made, and the factors that are considered by the Court when making a costs order in NSW.

26 Apr, 2023
Jack Lindgren

Statutory Demands in Australia

A guide on what you need to know to protect your business.

24 Apr, 2023
Jack Lindgren

When and Why Should I Register a Trade Mark?

An introduction to Trade Mark Laws in Australia

17 Mar, 2023
Isabella Hudson

What is a Tenant’s Obligation to Make Good Under a Lease?

In this article we will be looking at a tenant’s obligation to make good under a lease.

13 Oct, 2022
Hamish Taylor

How to resolve Shareholder Disputes and Director Disputes?

These types of disputes are often disruptive and financially damaging to the business and can be costly for the directors and shareholders to resolve, especially when there is no Shareholders’ Agreement in place.

09 Aug, 2022
Tony Peterson

When and Why You Need a Shareholders’ Agreement; and What Should it Cover

A Shareholders’ Agreement is a private binding contract between shareholders of a company.

18 May, 2022
Hamish Taylor

Increased ATO debt recovery action likely to lead to credit tightening and increase recovery action for SMEs

Recently, liquidators we have dealings with, are reporting an increase in enquiries relating to new collection activity from the ATO as it seeks to address the $1.3 billion shortfall against its compliance revenue target.

17 May, 2022
Sam Roberts

How Do You Enforce Foreign Judgments In Australia?

If you are a business located outside of Australia or an overseas legal practitioner acting for clients and looking for ways to recover judgment debts from a person or business with assets in Australia, then it is important that you carefully consider the available process for registering and enforcing foreign judgment in Australia to avoid

20 Dec, 2021
Tony Peterson

Surcharge Purchaser Duty – What is it? Who does it apply to? Who might be liable in negligence?

In this article, we’ll explain what Surcharge Purchase Duty and Surcharge Land Tax are, and the types of situations in which the advice provided (or failure to advise) by a solicitor, conveyancer, or other advisor might amount to negligence.

01 Oct, 2021
Jack Lindgren